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Wavy Dish

Wavy Dish

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This dishwasher-safe, silicone Wavy Dish is the most stylish way to store your soap. The wave shape helps water to drain easily away from your bar so it stays dry between uses. The silicone material is slightly bend-y, ensuring you can stick the dish on narrow bath ledges and easily lift your bar off. 

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Cream: Just off-white, like faded parchment

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If every pot, pan, knife, plate, and dish in your kitchen was dishwasher-safe and cleaned perfectly without any residue every single time...and you suddenly developed the ultimate superpower of being able to walk into any bathroom and transform it from drab-to-fab with the snap of your fingers...tiles sparkle, grout is brighter, smells are dreamy, products are natural, and every accessory is effortlessly chic...this would be like that.

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Always The Clean Version

No parabens, phthalates, or sulfates


Certified Cruelty Free

Sustainably Sourced

Made With Natural Oils

Cold-Process Soap

Jukebox soaps are made using the cold-process saponification method. No external heat is used during soap-making, so all the natural fats, clays, and essential oils remain intact, leaving you with the most moisturizing bar imaginable.

Stop, Lather, and Listen!

Lather up, rinse, and repeat to your own beat! Great for all skin types. For best results, keep bar elevated and dry between uses with a Soap Stage.

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