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Summer Scents

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The Best Smelling Soap on the Internet

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The smell of each of these is amazing! I loved reading through the ingredients and knowing what's actually in this soap.


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I love love love this product. I've been looking for a long time for something this natural and good.


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I can't get enough of this soap! My skin is super dry but when I started using this soap I saw a noticeable difference almost immediately!


Always The Clean Version

No parabens, phthalates, or sulfates


Certified Cruelty Free

Sustainably Sourced

Made with Natural Oils

Build Your Set

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Yes, you need a Soap Stage and a Wavy Dish!

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You'll Love Cold Process Soap

  • Contains glycerin, which naturally pulls moisture to your skin throughout the day
  • Lathers like a dream for ultra-smooth shave
  • Leaves skin with a squeaky clean, yet completely nourished feeling
  • Natural oils & fats combine with lye with no external heat during soap making - that's the recipe for real soap!

Our Favorite Natural Ingredients

Shea Butter

Shea butter locks in moisture and is incredibly nouishing for the skin.

Natural Oils

Antioxidants, fatty acid and vitamins help keep skin moisturized.

Kaolin Clay

Natural detoxifer that helps to cleanse and soothe skin.

Natural Origin Fragrance

Designed to transport you and uplift your mood.

Soaps Worth Singing About


Remix Your Routine

Feeling in tune is just a shower away. Our soaps drench the senses with good, clean beauty to wash away everything but the freshest version of you.