Really, Real Soap

Most body cleansers you find in the "soap" aisle are not actually soap. To be real soap, saponification must take place (a fancy word for blending fats and oils with lye to make soap). Our soaps are the real deal and we make them by hand the classic way.


Our Greatest Hits

Our first four soaps are made using the cold process method with natural ingredients. Each soap has a unique scent and creamy lather that is sure to transform your shower experience. Singing in the shower highly encouraged!

Cold Process Soap

Jukebox soaps are made using the cold process saponification method, where fats and natural oils combine with lye to make soap (for cleansing) and glycerin (a natural humectant aka moisturizing agent). Your skin will thank you!

Breakup with Boring Body Wash


Most Other Guys

CheckboxCold process soap


CheckboxArtisan techniques

CloseAutomated machines

CheckboxScented with essential oils & natural fragrances

CloseScented with synthetic fragrances

CheckboxCompact paper packaging

CloseWater-filled plastic jugs

CheckboxMade with natural ingredients

CloseMade with synthetic ingredients

78% of women sing in the shower.

Join us, won't you? Mute the world, turn on the tap and lather up from ears to toes.